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Performitiv is a AI powered Platform that is use in companies to optimize their investments in learning iniciatives allowing them to take smarter decisions on their talent.
On the User®’s helped them by analysing their customer journey and design a product that matched their client high standards.

Platform goals

We focused on moving the design system to another level and create a smooth experience for the people that was going to review all the data from the surveys and the different datapoints collected. Our goal was to maintain a data friendly environment while delivering a highly branded company.
The need for simple data visualisations and the technical requirements led us to revamp not only the platform but Performitiv's website too. We aimed to add different illustrated avatars that entitled the seamless user experience giving them a personal touch that humanised the huge amount of collected data.

AI-Enabled Insights

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are built into the Performitiv platform, providing intelligent notifications, recommendations, and suggestions based on how their client data compares to best practice benchmarks. Delivering a a clear insight page was a must, we reduced the complexity of several learning sessions and courses into different information hierarchy levels so the clients will be able to go deeper if they wanted to

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