Bringing Hedge Fund Tech to the masses

Personal IdentityApp Design from Forbes aims to use AI-powered investing easy, accessible and transparent for everyone.
With a wide range of Investment Kits analyzes the market with powerful machine learning algorithms to optimize the stocks and ETFs held in each of our Investment Kits.
Over the past two years, we had worked with Forbes to enhance their 360 customer digital experience and branding presence across web, acquisition channels and their iOS app.

Branded by Prometheus

We initiated the process by gaining a deep understanding of the product, audience and value proposition. How do we achieved this? By engaging in conversations with the individuals who shape brand's personality: your team.
Through comprehensive interviews, we extract crucial information related to the brand identity from various facets of the organization. Subsequently, we builded a compressive brand that matched the Prometheus Myth; "Stealing the Fire from the gods to give it to the mortals”, this is the mission of, bring Hedge Fund technology to the masses.

The need for consistency and functionality

As more people turned to mobile devices to buy and manage their finances, by Forbes knew they needed to refresh their mobile app. They came to us with a few complex problems, including
  • Navigation: Overall, the navigation needed to be more thoughtful e.g., the onboarding, kits details, and transaction information wasn’t clearly laid out.
  • Functionality: There were a few functions missing, such as liquidation and portfolio management.
  • Simplicity: When members need to find their investments, quick and easy access to the right information is necessary. The focus was to create a simple experience that had a consistent feel with the mobile devices’ native functionality.
On top of this, the app needed to meet a variety of compliance regulations.

Developing the Design System

Our design system was meticulously crafted with a focus on striking the right balance between product functionality and purposeful design. Guided by the principles of focus, clarity, and simplicity, our UX approach aimed to facilitate investment strategies to the users. On the User® was committed to eliminating any superfluous elements that did not contribute to our overarching goal of creating a unified digital experience on their App, website and communications.
The collaboration between teams, involving both designers and developers, yielded a polished digital style guide along with a robust technical solution. Every aspect of the revamped system.

Web design inspired by High Tech

With a website design inspired by high tech and hedge funds, the team was able to craft the perfect acquisition channel increasing conversions and acquisition of new users. Every space of the website, from the learning area to the investment kits has a different style depending on the branch

Tribute To A Forbes Legend: Founder Stephen Mathai-Davis.

Grateful to work with amazing clients.

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