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Nate Gentile one of the most famous Spanish youtubers of all times reached to On the User® to help him redefine their branding, create a consistent communication style for their youtube channel and develop a concept for his personal computer.

A visual Identity

We initiated the process by gaining a deep understanding of what Nate wanted to express with his new visual identity, audience and value proposition. With the huge amount of content that Nate creates we had to create a system that was highly scalable and easy to do.
Through strategic sessions, we extract crucial information related to the brand identity from various channels. Subsequently, we builded a compressive brand that was consistent across all his videos and streamings. This helped Nate Gentile growth his youtube channel from 1.6M to 2.5M followers.*

Brand Consistency

A crucial aspect of the visual identity revolved around strategically incorporating graphics into various segments of his videos, particularly when highlighting specific actions or elucidating key components of the computers. This intentional use of visuals not only enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal but also played a pivotal role in conveying information effectively, creating a visually engaging and informative experience for the audience.

New Personal Computer

While doing the strategy sessions for the visual branding we worked with Nate to make a concept for his new computer using the chassis he developed, the ITX, used previously in a laptop for another Youtuber, Auronplay (29.1M Followers) and San Miguel.
We wanted to give Nate a great concept, and as it would be his personal computer, what better to do than have his storyline and accomplishments engraved on the chassis? He loves sci-fi, so we created an alien typography design and a color that matched what we were building for his brand.
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The video and the new style is getting along very well with his community pointing out the more modern and polish style, a style that showcase the effort Nate is putting in all his videos and Personal Brand. With a video of 1 million views and improvement on his following since the implementation of new visual identity has grow over a million of followers in one year.

Grateful to work with amazing clients.

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