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A new branded digital experience for the Winter Olympic Games

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The International Ski Mountanering Federation reached On the User®’s to help them prepare their online presence for their first Winter Olympic Games.
The result is a website that provides targeted information and inspiration for athletes, communities and sponsors for their next competitions and results and allows the team to quickly publish their content and showcase the races Live.

Website goals

The primary emphasis centered on transferring the website to WordPress, a scalable platform facilitating the smooth integration of third-party systems. This was done with a commitment to sustaining high performance and ensuring flexibility to address both current and future needs of the team as they wanted a central hub to manage everything themselves
The extensive digital overhaul and the Winter Olympic Games demands prompted a redesign of ISMF's online presence. The objective was to incorporate modern omnichannel functionalities, enable personalization and automation of user experiences, and provide greater creative freedom for the team in presenting new events, campaigns, and sponsors on an international scale.

Boosting Sponsor Activations

The new website and branding host a myriad of opportunities for the ISMF and their sponsors, partners, and athletes. The number and quality of sponsors have incresed after the publication of the site.
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