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Nyx Studios reached OTU to transform their design process and speed up for their Trading card battler launch, HAVOC.
We created their branding and a design system that allowed the Nyx Studios team quickly create and modify whole sets of new cards, types or classes. We supported also on the creation of their website and outreach.

The logo that started it all

The circle mark is abstract yet but not without meaning. It was inspired by the main theme of the game the black hole surrounding the adventure and the Terminus, the Central Hub of the game.
The strike on the centre give the mark motion and dynamism, even a hint of three-dimensionality that is guarded inside the open circle.

Design System goals

The primary emphasis was on transferring the MVP cards to a system that allowed the creatives embed their art on it and standardise the logistics around the game
A scalable Design System facilitating the smooth integration of third-party systems and high quality printing. This was done with a commitment to sustaining high performance and ensuring flexibility to address both current and future needs of the team.

Grateful to work with amazing clients.

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