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Anywhereworks engaged Ontheuser® to strategize and design a new brand, develop the online presence and build a prototype of a future-state mobile widget customisation app.

About Chat Support and working anywhere.

Anywhereworks mission is to help people work from anywhere on the world creating tools, brands and services. It is built for people who want to be hired and work anywhere, and for people tha need support on their busineses . People like independent consultants, freelance pros, business owners, enterpreneurs or anyone who wants to work around the world is welcome.
Chatsupport is in the brand created by them that is delivering affordable custom chat support for business. And because Chatsupport’s plans are all affordable to anyone, anywhere it’s real support you can trust to cover you regardless of any pre-existing conditions.


To establish a cohesive branding policy, our firm created a blue bold mark, along with a series of updated identity elements that seamlessly build upon the considerable equity of the blue use on their main brand.


+3% increase in sales over a two year period.
Our partnership has driven large-scale growth for Anywhereworks in the US. By designing a more frictionless online experience at contributed to a 3% growth in sales over a two-year period (2021-2022). 

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