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Jabra turned to OTU® to create a brand for their flagship an institutional level consulting firm that creates tailored structured product for their clients based on their market hypothesis.
We developed a simple brand, website and marketing outreach, resulting in an online presence that provides targeted information for digital asset holders.

Branding Goals

The brief was clear, with an institutional vibe that was compelling with current Wall Street investors and current traditional financial institutions. The Zap was to bring light to the new digital assets available to investors.
Sober but at the same time modern.


With a user-centric website tailored for digital assets holders. Discover a curated collection of some of the creative structured product, from easy bear market to advanced bull market. A vibrant consulting firm to create complete structured products, have the best guidance in all the process, and a seamless experience on the dashboard.

Grateful to work with amazing clients.

Let's make it happen

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