Attractive Private Credit Yields for Stablecoin Holders

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Olivetree turned to OTU® to create a brand and raise capital, and transmit trust to early investors.
We created a simple brand, website and marketing strategy for their launch, resulting in an online presence that provides targeted information about private credit yields for stablecoin holders.

Website goals

The main goal for the website was to convey the idea for VCs allowing them to review the key features of the new approach of Olivetree to Private Credit Yields for all of the major stablecoins. Lenders gain access to a new type of marketplace to deploy stablecoins at attractive, fixed yields.
Olivetree is currently raising capital.

Interactive Pitch Deck

We helped the founder to syntetice the information to make it digestible for VCs on different complexity levels, in order to do it we builded an interactive prototype to explain how the protocol works as a walk through with different steps that helped them to understand all the parts of the system and the underlining mechanics.

Grateful to work with amazing clients.

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